Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vision Wall

A while back my Chuck and I sat in a seminar session by Dr. Dave Martin. Amongst a lot of other great nuggets of inspiring advice on living your best life, Dr. Dave began to talk about Vision. He said he and his wife had some big dreams in the back of their minds; things they wanted to see if their future, desires in their hearts - some crazy and others quite obtainable. In order to see those dreams come to pass, they decide to post them in their home. They hung actual pictures of things they were dreaming for or envisioning for their future. He mentioned that they put them out in a high-traffic place, where they would see them and be reminded of them daily.

Chuck and I were inspired by this because we too want to see those big dreams, wishes, hopes, prayers, actually happen in our lives.  So, we started on a little project: A Vision Wall.

You see we have this blank stretch of wall between our master bathroom door and our bedroom door. It's just at the foot of our bed and well, we see it all the time. This, we thought would be the perfect place.

We first ran to good ol' Homegoods and grabbed some frames that go with our style in various sizes to do sort of a "gallery wall." As we prepared to hang them, however, we got to thinking that it needed a little more "texture." So, in our garage, we gathered a few scraps of wood and began laying them out in a way that we thought would look good on the wall.

Then, we started hanging them - making sure to anchor the larger boards into a stud.


Then, we began arranging the frames on the floor, the way we wanted them to go up on the wall.

And, then, we hung the frames! Now, we just need to print our dreams and post them up there!

Habakkuk 2:2 says "Write the vision and make it plain..."

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  1. I love this (and your cute little helper. Chuck too. Ha!) concept, and really feel like it works! Making your dreams known is (sometimes) hard to do and a reminder of what you're aspiring to be/do would be awesome! I'm going to encourage Jeremy to do the same, and maybe we will have a vision wall soon! :)